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Presenting our Featured Quilter

Marilyn Foland-Perrone

The featured quilter for the 2017 Tuscarawas Valley Quilt Guild Show is Marilyn Foland-Perrone.  Marilyn was one of four who founded the guild and served as its president for the first five years.  Early on, Marilyn was influenced by her grandmother and great-aunt to pursue her interest in quilting; but it was her husband who took her to her first quilt show.  Marilyn considers herself a modern traditionalist in quilting, adding a colorful twist to her projects.  She only does machine piecing and is challenged by more complicated quilt patterns.   At present, she is a long arm quilter and enjoys doing more geometric modern patterns for her quilts.    Her friends can easily recognize her quilts because of her love of color.  On occasion, Marilyn will challenge herself by sewing a neutral quilt of white and beige.  Over the years she has incorporated into her quilts many techniques she learned in classes taught by such teachers as Jinny Byer.  She also  has taught many classes and enjoys quilting with her friends in her studio.

Marilyn is not sure how many quilts she has made over the years, as she has done both quilts and miniatures.  Her favorite quilt was made from a pattern that included her two favorite things: the color pink and stars.  First, she made a wall-hanging and later a bed-size quilt, which still remains her favorite.   One of her first quilts was given to her father for being so supportive of her quilting. This king-size quilt was a black and yellow scrappy log cabin pattern.   Marilyn says that she is not a "quilt in a weekend" person, as most of her patterns are very complicated.  For example, in her last large quilt each block had 49 pieces, three- pieced sashing, nine piece cornerstones, and three borders.  The largest quilt she ever made was a commissioned king-size quilt with an 18 inch drape. It took her 6 months to complete it.  Those who enjoy owning one of Marilyn's quilts are family members and friends. However, she keeps her favorites for personal use.  She has also pieced and quilted many for donation and sold quite a few (enough to buy her Gammill with Statler Stitching).  Her cousin's daughter has embraced Marilyn's love of quilting.  She comes and spends several days with Marilyn in the summer.  During this time they work on a new quilt ,and Marilyn teaches her new skills.

Marilyn's advice for those who are just starting out in quilting is to "start small" and work up to larger bed -size quilts. It is important  to take lessons about the basics of quilting and  learn about the all important 1/4 inch seam allowance.    Marilyn continues making quilts for Wounded Warriors. She also helps in raising money for the Marine Corps with her quilts.  Marilyn is an only child and widow. She helps her mother, Dorothy, who is also a quilter and keeps in contact with all her many cousins. Marilyn worked for her father, Dale Foland, for 30 years at Lauren Manufacturing.

We hope you will come and see Marilyn's quilts which will be on display at theValley  Quilt Guild Show October 20 (10AM-5PM) and October 21 (10AM-3PM) at the First United Methodist Church (1725 N. Wooster Ave. Dover Ohio).


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